1. Help

This application is designed for the visually impaired. Essentially, each player has access to the same application, which manages the scrabble tile bag. Rather than taking tiles from the bag, the players ask the application which tiles to take.

The application maintains a list of all tiles taken, and ensures that the right number of letters are given out

1.1. How to Register

To register, you will need your unique game link which you can share with all of your scrabble players. You can get your personal link by email using the form below. Note that your email address is not stored, it is simply used to create your personal link; and you can use the same link again and again and again and again.

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1.2. How to Play

When you follow your personal link from the email, you will see a simple control.

Before starting, sort the tiles into letters so that they can be easily found, because it is the ScrabbleBag application which shuffles the tiles.

If there are any sighted people playing in the same room as another player, it may be necessary to put these letters in separate bags or closed containers so that the sighted player cannot see which letters have not been taken.

The application manages the scrabble bag, and tells you what tiles to draw

When the other players play their words, the other board(s) draw the specific letters from the "bag" and put them on your board.

It is recommended that you establish a grid reference system, for example, name the columns of the board A through to O starting on the left, and the rows of the board 1 to 15 starting at the top. When playing, say which coordinate the first letter played, which direction (across or down), and also say which letters fall on doubles / triples etc.

To start a new game, simply select "New Game" and confirm. The bag is automatically filled and shaken. To decide on who starts, each player draws 1 letter (by selecting '1'). To put these letters back in the bag, simply select "New Game" again. Then each player can draw their 7 letters and play commences.

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1.3. Description of Controls

1: Draw 1 letter
2: Draw 2 letters
3: Draw 3 letters
4: Draw 4 letters
5: Draw 5 letters
6: Draw 6 letters
7: Draw 7 letters
Oops: Put 1 letter back in the bag - You must use this button before the next person draws
Shake: Give the bag a shake - useful if you've 'Oopsed'
New: Start a new game
You will eventually be able to swap all your letters, but at present this is not supported.

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3. Register

Enter your email address (twice) to register and receive a unique game link